OE Watch, Vol. 12 (Iss. 11)

This OE Watch contains 23 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training, and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

This issue can be downloaded at FMSO’s website: https://community.apan.org/wg/tradoc-g2/fmso/

Its Table of Contents is here:

3 Provincial Exercises Highlight China’s Whole-of-Government Preparations for Conflict
5 Xi Jinping Sets Milestones for Next Five Years of Chinese Military Modernization
8 Taiwan Testing Satellite Program To Overcome Communications Vulnerabilities
9 Taiwan Set To Cooperate with Turkey on Cost-Effective Drone Technology

12 Russian Military Watcher Identifies Problems With the Russian VDV and Parachute Assaults
14 Russian Airborne Troops Get First Material-Technical Support Brigade
16 Lack of PTSD Treatment for Russian Soldiers
18 Russia Demands Mandatory History Lessons for College Students
20 Russia Conducts Submarine Sea Trials and Amphibious Landing Exercise in Arctic

22 Iran Vaunts Persian Language as Marker of National Identity Despite Country’s Ethnic Diversity
24 Iran’s Proposal To Build Railroads and Housing in Syria Could Enrich IRGC
25 Iran Lauds Air Defense, Claims Sepehr Radar Will Soon Be Operational

26 Large Hack of Latin America’s Defense Departments Puts Security Services on Edge
27 Burkina Faso: A Bellwether on Russian and French Presence
29 African Leaders and UN See Terrorism in the Sahel as Dire
30 Somali Government Bans Media Reporting on Al-Shabaab GLOBAL OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT
32 Ecuador Seeks New Relationship With China After Debt Deal
33 Erdoğan Relying on Russia To Bolster Support Ahead of Turkish Elections
35 Armenia Acquires Indian Multiple Rocket Launcher System Amid Delays in Russian Deliveries
37 Members of Collective Security Treaty Organization Show Less Support for Russia-Led Body
39 Saudi Arabia Continues Buying Missiles and UAVs From China as Part of Broader Foreign Policy Rebalancing
41 Morocco and Algeria Strengthen UAV Capabilities With Imports From China, Turkey, and Israel
44 India Responds to Chinese and Pakistani Naval Activities in Sri Lanka

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