OE Watch, Vol. 12 (Iss. 10)

This OE Watch contains 21 foreign article reviews spanning over 30 different regions and countries covering Operational Environment topics from the foreign perspective for the US Army leader, development, training and education community, as well as others in governmental, analytic, and academic communities.

This issue can be downloaded at FMSO’s website: https://community.apan.org/wg/tradoc-g2/fmso/

Its Table of Contents is here:

3 New Chinese Aerial Refueling Aircraft Enters Service
4 China Debuts New Space Capabilities
7 China Develops World’s First Small Modular Reactor
9 PLA Cognitive Domain Operations: Considering Preemption and Hard Kill
11 PLA Education Reforms: Problems Remain After More Than 20 Years
13 Chinese Tracking Ship Raises Controversy in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port
15 India Works To Maintain Sri Lankan Foothold Amid Growing China Presence

17 Russia Builds New Armor Repair Facilities To Replenish Losses in Ukraine
18 Russia Claims Victory in Vostok 2022 Exercise
19 Russia Conducts Arctic Naval Maneuver and Propaganda Tour Along Northern Sea Route
21 Russian Navy Weaponizes Shipping Containers
22 Kazakhstan Suspends Defense Exports, Denying Russia Purchases

23 Iran Wants Sukhoi-35 Fighters From Russia
24 Iran Intercepts Crystal Meth Shipment From Afghanistan

25 Colombia’s Gustavo Petro Promises New Approach to Security and Drugs
27 Coastal West African States Brace for Wave of Terrorism From the Sahel
30 Mali Claims France Funded Terrorists; France Denies

32 Colombia’s New Government Quickly Reestablishes Relations With Maduro’s Venezuela
34 Turkish Lessons Learned From the War in Ukraine
37 The Appeal of “Duginism” in the Middle East
39 “Chronic Instability” Atop Algerian Military’s Foreign Intelligence and Security

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