OE Watch Issue # 02, 2022

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Chinese Army Division Independently Improves Integrated Reconnaissance System
By Cindy Hurst

China Wages Cognitive Warfare To Shape Taiwanese Public Opinion
By Cindy Hurst

Beyond the Glitzy Projects: China’s Far-Reaching Impact on Kenya
By Robert Feldman

China Strengthening Position in Central America with Recognition by Nicaragua
By Ryan Berg


Respected Russian Academic Speculates on War in the Arctic
By Les Grau

Russian NBC Defense Troops Increase Thermobaric Munition Capabilities
By Charles Bartles

Russians View Military Increasingly Favorably as Extortion and Other Negative News Go Underreported
By Lester Grau

Russian Orthodox Church Strengthening Its Position in Africa
By Ray Finch

Russia Highlighting Use of “Cube” and “Lancet” Loitering Munitions in Syria
By Lucas Winter

Russia’s Increasingly Visible Military Presence in Mali
By Jacob Zenn


Iran and Syria Discuss Transportation Cooperation
By Michael Rubin

Iran’s Purported Counter-Hijacking Record
By Michael Rubin

Iran Busts Weapons and Ammunition Smuggling Ring
By Michael Rubin


Guerrilla Groups Continue To Threaten Colombia Along Border with Venezuela
By Ryan Berg

Somalia: Puntland Troops Fight Each Other, Not Terrorists
By Robert Feldman

East African Special Forces Commit to Cross-Border Counter-Terrorism Operations
By Jacob Zenn

Sahel Drug Trade Mixes with Militancy
By Jacob Zenn

Southeast Asia Sees Decrease in Terrorism
By Jacob Zenn


A Turkish Perspective on Great Power Competition in 2022 and Beyond
By Karen Kaya

The Future of Turkish-Russian Relations
By Ihsan Gündüz

The Collective Security Treaty Organization Demonstrates Its “Peacekeeping” Capabilities
By Matthew Stein

Algeria Obtains Chinese Integrated EW Reconnaissance/Jamming System
By Lucas Winter

Service Rifles and Fighter Jets: Pakistan’s Defense Acquisition Priorities
By Matthew Stein