OE Watch Issue # 04, 2023

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China Developing Improved Equipment for Deep Sea, Polar Exploration
By Peter Wood

China Developing Ultra-Low Earth Orbit Satellites With Possible Military Applications
By Peter Wood

Chinese Military Researchers Debut “Precision Strike” Concept for Cognitive Domain Operations By Thomas Shrimpton

Micronesian President Warns Against Chinese External Influence Operations By Thomas Shrimpton


Russia Widens and Tightens Conscription Policies
By Ray Finch

Russia Cutting Back on Nuclear Icebreaker Production
By Les Grau

Russia Effectively Leaves Arctic Council
By Les Grau

Russian Companies Using Central Asian Migrant Workers in Occupied Ukraine
By Matthew Stein


Iran Unveils Updated Yasin Training Jet With Possible Close Combat Applications
By Michael Rubin

Iran’s Increased Defense Budget Leading to More Arms Exports
By Michael Rubin

Iran Capitalizing on Post-Earthquake Conditions To Deepen Influence in Syria
By Lucas Winter

Terrorism and Transnational Crime

Colombia’s “Total Peace” Negotiations Face New Hurdles
by Ryan Berg

CAR Joins Mali in Accusing France of Funding Terrorists
by Jason Warner

Al-Qaeda Leader in Maghreb Celebrates French Departure, Claims No Plans To Attack French Homeland by Jason Warner

Mozambique Regains Control of Islamic State-Afflicted Northern Province With Rwandan Help by Jacob Zenn

Global Operational Environment

Georgians Consider Outcomes of War in Ukraine
by Matthew Stein

Georgian Separatist Republic Conducts Military Exercises
by Dodge Billingsley

Western Efforts To Isolate Russia and Iran Falter in Latin America
by Ryan Berg

Russia-Supported Military Rulers in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea Continue To Deepen Ties by Jason Warner

New Milestone in China’s Support for Egypt’s Space Program
by Lucas Winter

Philippine Interest in Trilateral Security Pact With United States and Japan Possibly Increasing by Jacob Zenn

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