OE Watch Issue # 02, 2024

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Chinese Strategists Consider Weaponizing “Complexity Science”
By Cindy Hurst

China’s Economic Interests at Risk With Rise of Houthi Shipping Attacks
By Dodge Billingsley

Nauru Recognizes China, Further Isolating Taiwan
By Dodge Billingsley

China-Based Oriental Space Launches Its First Medium-Lift Rocket
By Alpha Ngo


Russia Standardizing Munitions Used on First-Person View UAVs
By Chuck Bartles

Former Wagner Troops Integrated Into Chechen Unit Fighting in Ukraine
By Lionel Beehner

Russia Continues To Enhance Its Arctic Infrastructure
By Les Grau

Russia Changes Arctic Icebreaker Names To Honor History
By Les Grau

Russia’s “Africa Corps” Set To Replace Wagner in Niger
By Jacob Zenn


Spotlight on Vatanpour, Iran’s “Most Active” Airbase
By Michael Rubin

Iran Hints It Will Supply Air Defense Weaponry to Palestinians
By Michael Rubin

Iran Rationalizes Russia’s Pro-Arab Position on Disputed Islands
By Michael Rubin


Rising Violence Prompts Ecuador To Declare “Internal Armed Conflict”
By Ryan Berg

Houthis’ Red Sea Attacks Not Only Motivated by Gaza
By Lucas Winter

Jordan Alarmed by Escalation in Syrian Smuggling Tactics
By Lucas Winter

Taliban Challenged by Uptick of Islamic State–Khorasan Province Attacks
By Christopher Betts


Venezuela’s Maduro Regime Threatens Annexation of Guyanese Territory
By Ryan Berg

India Looking to Alternative Arms Suppliers Because of Delays From Russia
By Matthew Stein

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Resolve Border Dispute
By Matthew Stein

Hungary Deepens Bilateral Ties With Chad
By By Jacob Zenn