OE Watch Issue # 01, 2024

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China Celebrates New Turbofan Engine Design as Giving It a Strategic Advantage
By Cindy Hurst

Chinese and Vietnamese Leaders Meet Over Tensions in South China Sea
By Alpha Ngo

Chinese Media Defends PLA Navy in Maritime Dispute With the Philippines
By Jacob Zenn

China Nears Completion of Large Port in Peru With Dual-Use Capabilities
By Ryan Berg


Russian Military Working To Respond to U.S. “Multi-Domain Operations”
By Chuck Bartles

Russia Details Plan To Overcome Military Drone Deficiencies
By Dodge Billingsley

Russia’s Federal Budget Puts Economy on War Footing
By Dodge Billingsley

Russian Arctic Naval Activity and Capability Continue To Expand
By Les Grau

Russia Denies that North Korea Is Supplying It With Weapons for Use in Ukraine
By Lionel Beehner


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Seeks Dominant Role in Maritime Development
By Michael Rubin

Iran’s Supreme Leader Announces Maritime Development Strategy
By Michael Rubin

Iran Seeks To Assert Global Leadership in Determining International Cyber Policy
By Michael Rubin

Belarus and Iran Form Alliance Against the West
By Paris Gordon


Drug Trafficking a Prime Source of Financing for Venezuela’s Maduro Regime
By Ryan Berg

Syrian Regime, Opposition Wary of Hamas Despite Support for 7 October Attacks on Israel
By Lucas Winter

Fears of Gaza Violence Prompt Egypt To Reinforce the Sinai Border
By Lucas Winter

Pakistan Deporting Approximately 1.7 Million Undocumented Afghanis in Response to Terrorist Attacks
By Christopher Betts

Malian Coup Leader Faces Challenges Reconquering Kidal
By Jacob Zenn


Israel’s Operation in Gaza Compounding Logistical Delays for India’s Armed Forces
By Matthew Stein

Azerbaijan’s Joint Exercise With Turkey Sends Familiar Warning Message to Armenia
By Matthew Stein

African Government Support for Palestinian Territories Spreads
By Jason Warner

Ukraine Launches Counteroffensive in Sudan and Across Africa To Minimize Russian Influence
By Jason Warner